Cisco Finesse Again IPv6 Problem

I’ll eventually read the manual but I like trying to figure out things. This is just me troubleshooting getting a finesse agent logged in.

So I’ve provisioned an application, RmCM, triggers and all the basics. As I’ve mentioned in the past I use an internal CA to certify all Cisco Collaboration applications and add a subject alternate name for vanity URLs to provide to users.

Now I head over to the Finesse agent desktop page to get logged in –

Error message: Device associated with that extension or dial number is invalid.

What! Not my first time with UCCX and I’m positive the RmCm user in Communications Manager is able to control my desk phone. I’ve checked the controlled device list twice and everything is correct. So let’s try CAD and I’ll need to download and install.

CAD error! Your phone is IPv6 enabled and that isn’t allowed either. Really? Alright so I headed over to Common Device Configuration, made a copy and set the IP addressing to “IPv4” only.

Finesse works now also. They could at least match up the error codes between CAD and Finesse.

In short – make sure your phone Common Device Configuration is set to IPv4 mode.



4 thoughts on “Cisco Finesse Again IPv6 Problem

  1. I’m using an internal CA for this as well, and I’m trying to figure out how to add subject alternate names for my Finesse and CUCM servers (among others). How did you accomplish this?

    • You do this from the CLI which will generate a new certificate. The last field will be populated into the SAN field.

      admin:set web-security Corporate MyCompany Anywhere NY US

  2. Thanks for the article, I was facing the same exact problem after upgrading to UCCX. Saved me a ton of time!

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