A lot of ‘About’ pages are usually someone talking about the good-ole days of growing up during the birth of the Internet. Mine was like that for a while, but now I really don’t care about what was going on 30 years ago.

I’ve been working in the VAR/Partner world for 90% of my career and I love it. It’s always fun to meet new people and talk about new technologies. What’s really awesome is when those discussions turn into making it work.

I’m currently keeping up with Cisco Collaboration designing and supporting projects of all sorts. Greenfield deployments, migrations, mergers, moves, and all other sorts of crazy things like faxing. I still carry a punch down tool and an answering machine. Video merging into Communications Manager is a hot topic lately and it’s been fun learning how to bring a complete legacy video environment up to 2016.

I’m not a great technical writer and putting content into a document isn’t all that fun, but I’m hoping others can benefit. However, I do enjoy drawings and would prefer that any day over written content. Creating drawings takes a lot of patience and makes you think through everything you’re trying to display. Cisco Collaboration isn’t the easiest to draw because it’s one of the most complex which makes it really fun.

Anyways.. Hope you enjoy some of my blog posts and you can talk to me anytime on Twitter @Warcop. Maybe one day I’ll get around to writing that Jabber book. šŸ™‚

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